The foundation stone in all our programs is to help participants improve their intercultural sensitivity which allows them to better understand, experience and appreciate cultural differences.  They will also gain enough culture-specific knowledge to identify strategies for making decisions, solving problems and building mutually respectful relationships in their intercultural interactions.

Multicultural Team Building and Leadership

Whether this is a co-located or a virtual team, participants gain insights into how norms, customs and underlying cultures influence behaviors of themselves and other team members. They also develop non-violent communication* skills to ensure effective interaction and stimulate creativity. *Marshall Rosenberg

Business Briefings for Short-term Assignments

These briefings are designed to prepare those who will interact with another culture to understand the business cultural mindset of the target culture in order to strategize their attitudes and make their mission a success. Developing cross-cultural awareness and discussing the main values and behaviours of the other culture are at the base of these briefings.

Country-specific Orientation

All aspects of day-to-day living in any specific country are brought in to help prepare international assignees for everyday situations they will encounter and for building interpersonal relations in the new culture. The goal is to smooth and streamline the process of cultural integration allowing assignees to feel more self-confident and be more productive.


The well-being of an accompanying spouse is key to maintain the balance of the whole family and, consequently, directly affects the employee’s performance in the workplace. Based on their needs and aspirations, we work with them to create an action plan to explore opportunities to achieve self realization and self-sufficiency in their new environment.

Individual Coaching and Support

This service provides a more specific and possibly one-on-one approach to further support an individual to adapt and thrive in the new culture – either in the corporate or social context. We build on the learning gained in our orientation workshops and customize support to examine specific behaviors and attitudes that may be the cause of certain difficulties.

Returning Home

This subject is approached either in the form of coaching support or workshops and target people who are returning to their home countries after living and working abroad for a long stint. The goal is to minimize typical-to-repatriation frustrations which often arise in the workplace back home and are a common cause of talent loss for the corporation. 

Engaging Employees in the Organizational Culture Globally

Often, employees of corporations that are scattered across many global locations do not in fact share a common set of values in the workplace in all locations. As important as it is to welcome and motivate the contributions of diverse cultures from multiple locations across the globe, it is equally important to establish a corporate culture, a set of values that is shared by the global workforce, wherever employees are located. 

We customize solutions that help employees globally identify themselves with the values ​​of the organization adjusting their attitudes and, at the same time, contribute their multicultural perspectives and skills so important to the organization’s overall success.

Diversity in the Workforce 

We help participants recognize and appreciate the differences that inhomogeneous people bring to their jobs. Leaders will learn how to tap into diversity in order to create a synergy of differences that gives their organizations a broader range of ideas and perspectives, new processes and more effective solutions. These leaders will also develop skills to communicate, build trust and model acceptance so as to transform the current culture into a culture of acceptance and trust.


A fully online and self-paced cross-cultural training program.


For clients whose focus is to interact with Brazilians or that are preparing for an assignment to Brazil we feature “Understand Brazil and Brazilians”. Engaging video presentations and briefings from intercultural communication and leadership consultants and business executives, along with interactive tools, help our clients strategize positive intercultural approaches in both professional and social settings. 

NOT the typical monotonous e-Learning experience. “Understand Brazil and Brazilians” is a complete cross-cultural training program equivalent to a traditional two-day physical classroom event. It is self-sufficient without the need of a live facilitator, although online video-conferences can be scheduled when our clients wish to further discuss topics of their specific interest.


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