Cross-Cultural Competence

Intercultural communication competency

as the foundation for productivity and leadership 

has never been more imperative.

The way we interpret the world around us is directly influenced by the way we understand our cultural self-identity. Therefore, understanding ourselves, our worldview and how others see us or what allows us to appreciate how we appear to other cultures is paramount to developing cross-cultural competence. Being sensitive to people of other cultures vicariously experiencing their feelings and thoughts or, in other words, being able to exercise cultural empathy is a second key element to the development of cross-cultural competence.


Business organizations now routinely engage in intercultural relationships among co-workers, clients and suppliers.  To be successful in today’s marketplace, the need for cross-cultural competenceas the foundation for productivity and leadership across physical and virtual borders has never been more imperative.  


Multicultural Communication Consulting has a rich history of strengthening individual and corporate intercultural competencies, increasing an organization’s capacity to work effectively across cultures. We offer consulting, customized workshops, seminars and individual coaching, both in physical and virtual environments.


With our multicultural team of consultants, and our Global Training Alliance, our solutions are available anywhere in the world and include every culture.


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